How To Bring Your Foreign Fiance/e without Hiring an Attorney for Surprisingly Less!

Newly Wed Couple
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Our world is marked by some physical boundaries separating the different countries and regions of same humans. However, these boundaries have failed to stop our emotions and love for the people far away from us. You can easily find couples with a man and women belonging to two different countries and cultures.

If you are the one that has fallen in love with a men from U.S. or with a women in Philippines, then I can help you have to successfully deal with immigration requirements before getting your foreign fiancé/e in the U.S. I am not a legal counselor or an affiliate of immigration attorney. I’m just an experienced person that is well familiar to fiancé/e visa process of the U.S. Besides my self, I have guided many petitioners and beneficiaries to understand and go through this complex immigration laws in between their immortal love.

There are attorneys and legal counselors that will charge very high fees just to make you understand the immigration laws for marrying and bringing your foreign Fiancé/e to the U.S. Well, there is no one else except you that will go through the entire process of filling the forms with personal info to file a petition and then attending the formal tests and interviews. You just need a familiar person to understand and be successful in all such processes or formalities.

Why You Should Choose me For The Immigration Needs Of Your Foreign Fiancé/e?

My knowledge and practical experience with the U.S. immigration proceedings is sufficient to guide through the visa or immigration approval of U.S. for your foreign fiancé/e and also helps to get the permanent residence of the U.S.

I am offering a flat rate service fee. This means I will guide you and your fiance/e until she gets her visa approves. 

Ways of communicating to me:
  •  The client can prefer any suitable mode of communication like through skype, social media sites, email messaging, phone calls, text and others.

  • You will get all your paper work done by me. It will help you to avoid hassles with the U.S. immigration process. You can choose to receive the completed documents either via email or through post depending on your preferences.

Surprisingly Low Prices!

Amazingly, you will get my exceptional services and can successfully handle all the complex U.S. immigration processes for just $150 until your fiance/e sets foot to US. 

I will collect all necessary documents and photos from both you and your fiance/e and will print it out for you and will send it back to you (petitioner) once it is completed and ready for you to sign and date. This means, I will collect the miscellaneous fees for all the printed documents, photos and shipping.

Here's an idea of your miscellaneous fees since I have been doing this a lot.

If you want me to print out photos, Walgreens charge 0.19c/pc
Black and white Forms. Kinkos/FEDEx charge .15c/piece
Priority mail ranging from $6 to $10
and Envelope $5.00
Run and errands for Gas=FREE for using my service. 

Please feel free to ask or contact for any doubts or queries. I will be pleased to serve you.
(Remember, I am strictly a layperson without any legal training. Please, if in doubt, be sure to use the services of a professional lawyer whom you trust.)

$150 Flat Rate


Daryl Corwin said...

Hi Aurora. Very nice site with excellent services. I appreciate your help with Juvy so very much. We will recommend you for sure. Daryl Corwin

Filipina Az said...

Thank you for Stopping by Daryl.
I just got done chatting with Juv. We are hopeful that she will be getting her DC from NSO soon. Thanks for using my service.

Brian Brown said...

This is such a great service! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Eva Sheryl said...

I am very enjoyed for this blog. Its an informative topic. It help me very much to solve some problems. Its opportunity are so fantastic and working style so speedy.

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Mara Racaza said...

Hi Aurora! Do you live in Arizona? I saw your post and thought that you could help us. My boyfriend is in South Carolina, though. Would that be possible for you. Thank you in advance for your reply!

lance said...

Thank you so much! well done just perfect as promised!!..From the start i know Iam in a good hand... easy to get a long with... just simply cooperate and you'll be in the right path!

Filipina Az said...

Mara Racaza, sorry I have been busy with 3 other people pluz been busy with my dad. If you are still needing my guidance lemme know. I would be glad to be of service!