US Fatherless Boy Need Your Support to Come Home to America | Thank You
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Peter Ferrell is living in the Philippines. His mother is from the Philippines, and his father is American. Peter and his mother do not have much in the Philippines. His father planned to bring him to America but died suddenly before their departure. Peter’s mother reached out to her husband’s family, but they aren’t able to help. 

Peter is a bright boy with a good future ahead of him. He just needs a little help. He is asking for assistance to make his dream come true.

Peter needs a plane ticket to the United States, a passport, and a little extra to help him when he arrives. The passport costs $135 USD, and we estimate the plane ticket to be about $1,000 to $2,000. If he could also receive any amount to help start his new life, it would be so wonderful!

We are truly grateful to anybody who wishes to help. Peter is eager to begin his new life.  

So ladies and gents, I'm calling anyone with your kindness to please help Junior Peter Farrell to get his life get off the ground.
Thank You!

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This campaign is for his airfare, renewal of passport, and basically starting his life here in America soon.

Thank you so much from Peter Farrell, Sister Aiko, mother Lourder Farrell.