DIY K1 Visa Virtual Assist Testimonial

Satisfied Customer in Getting her 10 yrs Green Card

Miss Au, I received my green card just now. You're the second person I told about it. Thank you very much. You're such a blessing to us. I'm very happy and I want to share it with you 'coz I know you'll be more happy than me. Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much.๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

woohooo what a blessing

Thank you so much, Miss Au.
Just waiting for my working permit and my parole for travel card.

Congratulation I am so happy for you
it will follow

You're the best, Miss Au!
Thanks to you

oh you are so kind You and your husband!  for trusting me from fiancee visa to adjusting your status! Thank you so much!

We never regret it.

thats great
when man ka mag 3 years married?
i menat

when ma expire imo gc?

2019 of march
November 2019

ok you have long ways
3 months prior to your expiration mag apply ka to remove status
so mga June 2019 mag apply ka na
for 10 yrs gc

I will, Miss Au. I might need your help again.

thank you once again
that is so great news

I know you're always willing to extend your help. So thankful to have your guidance in this journey.

of course, I thank you too for being so patient. You are one of a kind! Best customer Ever!

I'm flattered. Hahaha!


From Mr & Mrs Hagen

Mr & Mrs Hagen

Me and my wife are very thankful and grateful that we met Aurora. For she has been incredibly amazing for guiding us in our journey. She helped us with everything. Like, she will tell you what to do what not to do, on paper works and the interviews.

She'll even give you hints of the questions and how to answer them. The rate is very cheap compared to a lawyer who doesn't help you at all. But having Aurora as your guide in this process will truly make you save money and time ' coz she will specifically tell you and provide you all the forms that you'll need and how to fill them up.
Our visa journey wouldn't be easy without her help. She's incredibly amazing. I always recommend her to my friends who wants to petition their fiance/fiancee. Coz with her everything goes smooth.~Phil Hagen

 Mr and Mrs Hagen, their K1 visa journey took an extra 3 months delay due to HongKong Police Clearance. But in the end they both were together again....Thank you Phil and Shei for letting me guide you as your virtual assistance!